Announcing my first book!

I know many of my readers here are already aware of this from following me on social media, but it’s only fitting that I announce the publication of my very first book here too! Joachim Murat: A Portrait in Letters, is now
available through Amazon, in both paperback and Kindle editions. In the coming weeks, it should also be available through Barnes & Noble. I’m delighted to have been granted the privilege of contributing a published work towards telling Murat’s story. I hope it will contribute to providing a more thorough understanding of Murat, and challenge a lot of the overly simplistic views of him that have seeped into the general Napoleonic
narrative. Thanks so much to everyone who has supported me both in this endeavor and in my efforts on this blog, and I hope that those of you who end up purchasing the book will enjoy it.

Here are images of the front and back cover:

One thought on “Announcing my first book!

  1. Karen Ronan

    Hey guys, I am reading it now (epub version) and it’s great. Murat was a truly unique person and his letters are fascinating. Thanks for translating them.


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