“You do not tell me a word of your advent to the throne”

I’ve been terrible about updating lately. Sorry! Here’s a short letter from Jerôme Bonaparte to Murat, as I continue translating more from Louise’s memoirs. Jerôme wrote this shortly after Murat became King of Naples; he was a little miffed with Joachim for forgetting to tell him about it.


Jerôme Napoléon, King of Westphalia, to Joachim Napoléon

Baths of Nendorf, 14 August 1808

I received, my dear brother, your letter from Paris. I am very happy to see that you have escaped your long and painful illness, and I admit to you that I was afraid it was poison, when I learned that you had suddenly fallen ill. You speak to me, my dear brother, of new kindnesses from the Emperor for you, however, you do not make it known to me, you countersign King of Naples and you do not tell me a word of your advent to the throne; you forget that, relegated to my place, little loved by a brother I love more than my life, I am completely foreign to events. I hope, my dear brother, that you will repair your forgetfulness and that you will share all that has happened to you to bring you happiness. You know my feelings for you and Caroline, be both of you persuaded that in all circumstances of my life, you will find in my place friendship, attachment, and candor. I embrace you as well as Caroline and my nephews and nieces.

Your good and affectionate brother,

Jerôme Napoléon

P.S. The Queen is taking the waters in the country of Wurtemburg, and I am taking the waters of Nendorf, for a rheumatism that had almost paralyzed half of my body; I find it very good, despite having only take eight baths.

Source: Lettres Et Documents Pour Servir À l’Histoire de Joachim Murat, Vol 6.

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