“I am the happiest of men.”

Continuing my tradition of completely random Murat content, I’m pausing in between the ongoing excerpts from Louise’s memoirs to post a letter from Murat to his mother, from 16 May 1801. His first child, Achille, was born five months earlier; Murat, who was sent by Napoleon to take over command of the army in Italy late in Caroline’s pregnancy (she remained back in Paris), has only just been reunited with his wife and finally been able to see his new baby for the first time. He writes to his mother in a jubilant mood.

Source: Lettres et documents pour servir à l’histoire de Joachim Murat, Vol. 1


Florence, 26 Floréal, Year IX (16 May 1801)

It has been a long time since I have written you, my dear mother, but be very sure that it is not out of forgetfulness, you are unceasingly present in my heart. And how could I forget the one who elevated the early days of my childhood, the one who procured happiness for me and gave me sensitivity.

The Holy Father just sent me a pair of rosaries for you, blessed by his own hand. What pleasure I feel in transmitting to you this mark of attention on the part of the head of the Church, what joy will you not receive from it!

I am the happiest of men. I am with my Caroline and my lovely Achille, my happiness would be complete if you were with us, if I could console you in your twilight years. How I envy the lot of my brother! He is with you, he sees you, he loves you, he must be very happy.

Farewell, my dear mother, I hope to go to Barège, then I will have had the pleasure of embracing you.

I embrace you with all my soul.

J. Murat

I’m sending you the Pope’s portrait.

I embrace all my family, I will send something soon for my brother.

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