“Your father was preserved…”

Murat wrote the following letter to his eleven year-old daughter Letitia in the aftermath of the Battle of Borodino on 7 September, 1812. (I’ve left my translation of it in all-lowercase, as is the original letter.) The signature initials are for Joachim Napoleon, the name Murat adopted as King of Naples.

my beautiful and good letitia. i am doing well; your father was preserved for you. give thanks to god; he will receive kindly the wishes and thanksgiving of hearts as pure as yours. embrace my louise. embrace mama on my behalf. i embrace you all very tenderly.


Source: Quarante lettres de Joachim Murat à sa fille Laetitia. Revue Napoléonienne, 8th Year, 2nd Volume, N. 7 July 1908.

Portrait of Letitia Murat standing with a bust of her father. By Benjamin Holland, 1811.

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