“I want to live another quarter of an hour…”

A recollection of Murat at the Battle of Leipzig (October 1813):

“At that moment, a polished military staff arrived from the right, at the head of which was a superb horseman wearing a toque surmounted with a great plume, dressed in a sort of Brandenbourg tunic, his beautiful horse covered with a golden-clawed tiger skin. It was the King of Naples. The cuirassiers, who loved him, greeted him with their cheers. He stopped his horse before our regiment, and cried out in a resounding voice with his southern accent: “My friends, I want to live another quarter of an hour to make a handsome charge with you!”

Source: Rilliet, Frédéric-Jacques-Louis. Journal d’un Sous-Lieutenant de cuirassiers, in Soldats suisses au service étranger. Geneva (Au Bourg-de-Four), 1908, pg 141. Translated from the original French.

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