“Joachim attended to his children’s education with utmost care…”

Joachim attended to his children’s education with utmost care, since their future, despite his apparent optimism, filled him with vague apprehensions. He wanted them to have a full education, in order for them, if necessary one day, to be self-sufficient. Aside from equitation and dance, it was his wish that they learned German and English. ‘I’m not talking about Italian; you are Neapolitan and you should know your language.’
He believed that beautiful handwriting and the habit of reading well were necessary complements of education; he also recommended reading a great deal, provided that the choice of books was done cautiously, to avoid causing obstructions to the mind and to do no harm to the education of the heart. Of the arts Joachim recommended drawing and painting to his daughter. 
‘The arts awaken the imagination, raise the soul; what sublime talent that can revive on canvas the loved one who is no more, or we miss, to retrace on paper places we have loved.’
Who would recognize at all in this wise counsel the son of the innkeeper of the Bastide Fontonière, the dissolute student of Gahors and Toulouse? 

Source: Costanzo Rinaudo, Rivista storica italiana XI, 1894. p.489.

(Credit: http://syuminiki.tumblr.com)

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